Walking out of the gym one morning in November 2010, I saw a flyer for “Natural Olympia” right here in Reno, Nevada. I watched the contest and was motivated to compete in at least one body building and physique contest. The “INBA” Natural Bodybuilding appealed to me for obvious reasons.

I was in pretty good shape at this time: 177 pounds, 33 inch waist, a 4 pack of abs (the bottom two have a little insulation for the coming winter), but I looked good and decided to go for it.

The competition was in June. I had some work to do, and not a lot of time to get it all done. So the journey began to enter my first competition and perfect my system. I ended up winning that competition, and in the process, I perfected my system.
That’s what the Dana DeSarle System’s all about:

I am simply sharing my secrets and training program that I have created to work with my busy schedule and family life.

As a result of this first competition, I have found my new passion in the category of “Men’s Physique”. I qualified for my Pro Card in Men’s Physique in the INBA.

​Contest History


As a life-long golfer, amateur champion and former member of the University of Nevada, Reno golf team, I know what it takes to get the most out of your golf game. Learn more about Dana DeSarle Systems and how my training program can help your golf game.

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  • June 11th INBA Mr. Reno Millennium Masters 1st Place
  • Aug 13th INBA Team NV Men’s Physique 1st Place
  • Sep 24th INBA Team USA Men’s Physique 3rd Place
  • Nov 5th NPC Sacramento Men’s Physique 7th Place

The Journey